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By Joseph Hazan,M.D.,FACOG

Sleep problems can be related to

falling asleep,

continuation of sleep

or inadequate rest.

It can be related to the quality

of sleep due to sleep

apnea with frequently waking up

or restless leg syndrome.

This can lead

to chronic sleep deprivation

and depression.

It is also found that SDB […]


By Joseph Hazan,M.D.,FACOG


Hyperlipidemia is having abnormally

high blood levels of

fats such as lipoproteins,

triglycerides and LDL cholesterol.

This could be due to hereditary

or intake factors.

One in five women under 44 have

this condition.

About half of women over 65

have this problem.

Women who have this condition

are prone to […]


By Joseph Hazan,M.D., FACOG


Glycemic index (GI) has to do with

how quickly the foods you eat

are broken down into glucose.

Fast is bad and slow is good.

Foods that have a high Glycemic Index

break down into glucose

quickly and cause a sudden surge

in your blood glucose-

blood sugar level.



By Joseph Hazan,M.D., FACOG


Your bones are constantly undergoing

turnover. On the one hand some bone

content is being resorbed and on the

other hand more is being built.

Building bones is a normal function

that goes unnoticed.

There is normally a balance between

building and resorbing. When this balance

is upset there could […]


Joseph Hazan, M.D., FACOG


Osteoporosis risk factors are well


1) Smoking

2) Low calcium and Vitamin D 3 intake

3) Menopause

4) Small body size

4) Steroids and some anticonvulsants

5) Family history

6) Lack of exercise

7) Alcohol intake

8 ) Coffee, soda, caffeine

9) Estrogen deficiency

Tomorrow we will look into […]


Tuboplasty microsurgical tubal reanastomosis is successful for tubal reversal […]


Microsurgical reanastomosis has been successful in most cases with resulting restoration of fertility in our experience. […]

More On Smoking

By Joseph Hazan, M.D.,FACOG


It is known that Nicotine causes

blood vessels to constrict.

In addition, there are more

than 4000 toxic substances

in cigarettes that are harmful

to the entire human body.

Here are 4001 more reasons

to quit smoking now!


By Joseph Hazan,M.D.,FACOG

This is a common and serious problem.

It is estimated that 40% of women with

high blood pressure are unaware of this

or do not get treated. It can cause the

life span of women to be shortened by

upto 20 years.

Women who develop

high blood pressure at menopause



By Joseph Hazan,M.D., FACOG

Some of the treatments will restore

periods to normal, while others will

stop the periods.

1) If the abnormal bleeding is caused

by lack of ovulation either starting

ovulation or regulating the cycles

can control the bleeding.

This is usually done with birth control

pills or cyclic progesterone.

2) In cases […]