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By Joseph Hazan,M.D., FACOG


According to recent research, nutrition

during pregnancy should include

the Omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA.

These are important to help the

development of the fetus, prevent

prematurity and improve brain


Most diets are deficient in these nutrients.

Fish oil is a good source

and the supplementation of DHA



Omega-3 fatty acid intake is very important. […]

The Obesity Epidemic and Metabolic Syndrome

By Joseph Hazan, M.D., FACOG


The problem of obesity has now reached

epidemic proportions in the US

and is the single greatest healthcare problem

and the most expensive in

its effects.

The Metabolic Syndrome which is a

consequence of the obesity epidemic

is alarming with increased insulin resistance,

hypertension, blood profile

that […]


By Joseph Hazan,M.D., FACOG


Microinvasive and robotic surgery

provide improved precision and shorter


The da Vinci Surgical System was introduced

in 1999 by Intuitive Surgical

and has gain wider acceptance.

The surgeon sits at a console and robotic arms

are used to produce the

finer movements that are required for

dissection, suturing and […]

Healthy Foods

By Joseph Hazan, M.D., FACOG

The following foods are listed in

alphabetical order and have beneficial

effects on your health:

APPLES contain antioxidants that

help prevent free radical damage.

They help protect your lungs by

providing quercetin.

Also by eating two apples daily the

acetylcholine in the brain is boosted.

This neurotransmitter […]

Mediterranean Diet

By Joseph Hazan,M.D.,FACOG

Mediterranean diet confers health

benefits which are being studied.

For instance Olive oil contains

polyphenols that are shown to lower

blood clot risks by decreasing the

stickiness of platelets.

These polyphenols also act as


The Mediterranean diet which

contains extra virgin olive oil and

omega-3 fatty acids from fish

confer […]

Healthy Nutrition and Olive Oil

By Joseph Hazan,M.D., FACOG

Healthy Nutrition is based on research done

to help promote health.

We will start with the health benefits of olive oil.

A study published this year showed that olive oil

polyphenols and omega 3 fatty acids in fish will

help reduce atherosclerosis between 54% and 61%.

Olive oil […]

Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

By Joseph Hazan,M.D.,FACOG


This includes heavy bleeding and

irregular periods.

Spotting, cycles that are closer than

three weeks apart can occur.

Prior to menopause or following menopause

abnormal bleeding can be a problem.

Some of the causes are:



Chlamydia infection


Incorrect use of birth control pills








By Joseph Hazan, M.D.,FACOG


Lack of ovulation is the most common

cause of female infertility.

By inducing ovulation, a mature follicle

can be developed and released.

Half of all female infertility cases are

related to lack of ovulation or

irregular ovulation.

Development of a primary follicle which is mature

and ready to be released […]

Pelvic Ultrasound

By Joseph Hazan,M.D.,FACOG

Pelvic ultrasound based on sound waves

helps visualize pelvic structures.

During pregnancy screening and details

of fetal anatomy can be imaged.

Specialized ultrasounds in pregnancy

will be addressed tomorrow under the

OB ultrasound.

The most common reasons for obtaining

a pelvic pregnancy are to help

diagnose the causes of pelvic […]