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By Joseph Hazan,M.D.,FACOG

Cervicitis causes discharge, irritation,

discomfort or painful intercourse,

cramping, spotting or bleeding with

intercourse. Many times there is no

symptom and it is only discovered

during the annual exam.

Cervicitis is inflammation of the cervix.

This causes the cervix irritated

and red, at times somewhat swollen.

It is not […]


By Joseph Hazan,M.D.,FACOG

Sleep problems can be related to

falling asleep,

continuation of sleep

or inadequate rest.

It can be related to the quality

of sleep due to sleep

apnea with frequently waking up

or restless leg syndrome.

This can lead

to chronic sleep deprivation

and depression.

It is also found that SDB […]


By Joseph Hazan,M.D.,FACOG

This is a common and serious problem.

It is estimated that 40% of women with

high blood pressure are unaware of this

or do not get treated. It can cause the

life span of women to be shortened by

upto 20 years.

Women who develop

high blood pressure at menopause