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Infertility and Contributing Factors

These 10 issues affect fertility […]

Endometriosis Basics

Endometriosis information presented here […]


Infertility factors are numerous and are reviewed […]


Positive changes in lifestyle factors improve fertility. […]


By Joseph Hazan,M.D., FACOG


It is the most frequently reported STD and

there are 2.5 million new cases in the US every year.

This STD is most common in persons under 25

and is transmitted during any type of sexual interaction.

Usually there is no sign of infection.

It can infect the newborn as […]

Premature Ovarian Failure

Premature ovarian failure is failure of ovarian function prior to age 40 […]


By Joseph Hazan,M.D., FACOG


Endometriosis affects females of the

reproductive age.

The inner lining ofthe uterus is called


This inner lining is normally

built up monthly and shed during the period.

Endometriosis consists of this type

of endometrial tissue being found outside

the uterus, in various areas.

It usually manifests itself as […]