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By Joseph Hazan,M.D., FACOG


Safe nutrition in pregnancy includes

yesterday’s precautions

and goes further by adding

more safeguards.

There are infections that are

especially dangerous during pregnancy

such as LM (listeriosis monocytogenes).

Possible sources of contamination

are unpasteurized milk products,

soft cheeses, deli meats, salads,sandwich

meats require special attention.

Heat sandwich meats to steaming […]


By Joseph Hazan,M.D., FACOG


A thorough evaluation

of all factors contributing

to infertility are needed.

The following are essential:

1) Age is a significant factor

because after 35 the quality

and quantity of eggs decline

2) Sperm count and function

should be determined by a

semen analysis.

3) Ovulation problems are

important and should […]