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By Joseph Hazan,M.D., FACOG


In the US more than 50% of women

over 60 are estimated to have urge

urinary incontinence (leaking).

OAB (overactive bladder) which consists

of urinary frequency which can  result

in incontinence is estimated to cost $12

billion per year in the US.

It is usually the result of the inability of

the bladder to relax.

Since the bladder

does not expand, the capacity of the

bladder to hold more urine is restricted.

This leads to the urgency and UUI

(urge urinary incontinence).

Diagnosis is accomplished at our

office by evaluation, examination and

specific urodynamic testing.

Treatment will be based on the findings

of the testing.

The following are some of the treatments:

Bladder training

Fluid management

Scheduled voiding


Drug treatment

Kegel exercises

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