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Avoid Alcohol

By Joseph Hazan, M.D.,FACOG


Some alcohol users have hid

their use and abuse of alcohol

even from their family members.

Sometimes family members and

friends are enablers and complicit

in this.

Hiding alcohol use is very common.

In fact, this could remain secret for

quite some time.

Because routine physical exam can not

detect this, doctor visits will not reveal

signs of alcohol addiction.

Many would think of stereotypes when it

comes to substance abuse, but the problem

of abuse has permeated all social segments

of society.

Studies have now demonstrated that 34% of

women between 18 and 25 are binge drinkers.

Also 10% in this age group areĀ found to be

heavy drinkers.

In addition, among women who are 26 and

older the incidence of binge drinkers is 12.8%

while 2.4% are found to be heavy drinkers.

This problem is insidious and destructive.

Help is available through the National

Institute on Drug abuse.

Here is their website: drugabuse.gov/nidamed.

Also treatment sites can be located through:



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Illicit Drug Use: Ethical Issues inĀ Obstetric and

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